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We’re not your typical agency. We’re advocacy specialists. We focus our creative energies on shaping public opinion around issues that matter.

Our work is based on research and facts. But your story told with passion is what wins the day. Once we’re on your side, achieving your goal is our only purpose. Our principals have more than sixty years’ combined experience in advocacy and public education. Our years in film and television give us access to the best talent in the industry. We create spectacular illustrations and animation in-house. Our trusted partners provide exceptional polling, social media, and photography services. Winners all!

Our Work

Violence Against Women

Don’t Be That Guy

We developed a campaign about violence against women that turned heads. To help get the message right, we consulted with women’s groups, indigenous groups, community groups, student groups, organized labour, and academics. And we focus tested. The campaign received tremendous positive media coverage. Months after the ads stopped running, people are still talking about it. Our client is thrilled.

What we did: Research. Strategy. Branding. Television, radio, and social media advertising. Website.

Mental Health

Let’s Get It Right

We created a campaign to build the public support needed to persuade a provincial government to provide PTSD legislation for all working people. It had intended to introduce legislation that covered first responders only. Business groups lobbied government and publicly campaigned against our client’s goal. But in just a few short months, we won the day. Government passed legislation covering all workers.

Other jurisdictions told our client it took years and multiple attempts to achieve similar legislation.

What we did: Strategy. Branding. Television, radio, and social media ads. Website. Deck. Government relations.


More Than A Union

Our client is the largest and, historically, the most militant union in the province. We created an ongoing series of campaigns to create support for the public sector workers it represents. These campaigns have increased public support for our client’s members as well as member support for the union’s leadership and its goals.

What we did: Strategy. Branding. Television, radio, and social media ads.

Inshore Fishery

Choose Home

Our client represents inshore fish harvesters. It was in a battle to protect its members’ shrimp quotas. The Government of Canada was going to cut quotas. Inshore fish harvesters would bear 100% of the quota cuts and offshore harvesters 0%. Our client was up against a national organization representing offshore harvesters, which started its campaign well before we became involved. And they had more money. We beat them anyway.

Our campaign made community heroes of inshore fish harvesters. In the end, the federal government relented. It cut the offshore quota by 53%, and the inshore quota by just 39%.

What we did: Strategy. Branding. Social media, television, radio, and digital advertising. Website. Signage


Don’t Let Go

Our client was concerned about privatization of public services. The two largest employers’ groups were lobbying the provincial government aggressively for privatization. Government seemed poised to side with them. Our campaign stopped privatization of public services dead in its tracks.

What we did: Research. Strategy. Branding. Live action and animated ads for television, radio, and social media. Website.

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